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Red Lion SU 16 Forend - IET Model #215


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Red Lion Precision SU 16 Forend
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Free Floating Aluminum Forend for Kel-Tec SU 16 C/CA (A + B require front sight removal for install)

  • Main Body and Rails CNC Billet Machined From Aircraft Aluminum Stock

  • Mil Spec 8625 Black Hard Anodized Mil-Spec

  • Picatinny Dimensions

  • Blackened Steel Screw Posts for Rails and Clamping Bolt

  • 10-24 Grade 8 Screws

  • Comes complete with (3) 19 Slot Picatinny Rails Precisely Located With Bugle Type Flat Head Screw In Combination With Screw Post (installed)

  • Extended Clamping Screw Post For Increased Thread Engagement/Strength

  • Does Not Interfere With Gun Stripping

  • Virtually Full Length Barrel Nut Contact For Solid Lockup

  • Easy Installation

  • Weighs Approx. 14 ounces

  • Dimensions : Length 8.85 & O.D. 2.23 (Picatinny rails installed)

  • Made In USA

Downloadable IET Model 215/216 Installation Instructions PDF

Installation Instructions:
  • Tools required:1/8" allen wrench and flathead screwdriver.

  • Make sure magazine is removed and chamber is empty.

  • Installation assumes bipod forend is installed and must be removed and also that gun is C/CA model, A + B models also require front sight removal for install.

  • STEP1
    Unfold bipod as if in use and remove spring that is between the two bipod legs. The spring legs sit in pockets and can be pulled out.

  • STEP2
    Next the pin that retains the bipod leg on the pivot pin must be removed. With bipod positioned almost perpendicular with barrel as if in use but slightly folded back toward reciever pinch the bipod legs towards one another at the point towards the muzzle. This should have the pin positioned so that by using a utility knife or other thin narrow tool it can be pushed out. A toothpick or pc of wire may be needed to push it the rest of the way out.

  • STEP3
    With the pin removed grab a hold of the bipod leg and pop him off the pivot pin.

  • STEP4
    With bipod leg removed pivot pin is slid out of the gas block.

  • STEP5
    Now remove the retaining clip that is located on the barrel nut.

  • STEP6
    Now the the ring that locks the bipod in the folded position when not in use must be removed. This must be split. While the aluminum forend will fit if not removed, the interface strength will be greatly diminished if not allowed to go all the way over the barrel nut and against the shoulder. The split ring seems to work fine when reassembled in stock bipod configuration but I would not plan on being able to go back to that configuration to be on the safe side. To give yourself the best chance of going back to that configuration I would split the ring 180 degrees from the gas block orientation feature of the ring. I would also split it as thin as possible (dremel blade or hacksaw). We used snips. Slide off barrel nut and over the barrel to give clearance for cutting. Once cut slide gas tube back to remove ring.

  • STEP7
    Next remove spring that sat behind the ring.

  • STEP8
    With bipod assembly removed the aluminum forend can be installed.

  • STEP9
    Remove clamping screw post and screw from forend. Slide forend over barrel and back onto barrel nut.

  • STEP10
    Make sure forend is all the way back over barrel nut and against the shoulder.

  • STEP11
    With gas tube in place orient forend so gas tube to forend top slot reveals are even. Place clamping screw post in place and then screw. Tighten down very tight your only limitation is the hex head. Blue Loctite is a good idea as well.

  • Model: IET Model #215
  • Shipping Weight: 0.88lbs
  • Manufactured by: Red Lion Precision